Hi Syadie,

I have just returned from our Cross Borneo - Orang-utan Expedition, and so many thoughts are swirling in my head I can hardly sleep. It was truly a challenging but wonderful trip, all I had hoped for and much more. I enjoyed being the only tourist everywhere but felt warm welcome in all communities. During the jungle part you have ever had a helping hand, an encouraging smile or joke for me and so I could manage the slippery and steep ways despite weak shaky knees. Thanks again for your patience with me when I am tired after a hard day and didn’t help so much I maybe should. I enjoyed our conversation about nature, culture, history and religion in the evenings in jungle and during the days on boats. And I could feel you love your land, the nearly impenetrable jungle, the small and big animals and birds and the people we met.
Thank you so much for all your help in planning, coordinating and dealing with my endless questions and needs. Thanks too for handling all the changed flight arrangements.
Anyway, it was truly a life-changing experience, I learnt a lot about me and my energy and of course what it means to be middle in nowhere, in mud with leeches and pepper-ants but with friends at a small fire. You made an uncomfortable place on a river side to a homely camp.
Also the Orangutan part in Tanjung Puting NP with the houseboat was great. Of course I enjoyed the huge number of free living Orangutans with their cute babies and the funny proboscis monkeys - but not least all the “luxury” to be clean, nowhere leeches, sitting on a dry boat deck on a soft mattress, getting coffee all the time. And I know I want to return again in the future.
Well, you probably hear this all the time, but I did want to share a little with you. I cannot thank you enough for putting together such a life-altering and amazing journey for me!!!
By the way: thanks from my husband for sending me back from this real survival-trip with no bigger injuries than leech bites ;-)
I encourage everyone (who seems tough enough ;-)) to do with you this Crossborneo -it was just a fabulous trip! If there is anybody out there who wants to know something about this trip don´t hesitate to send me a mail: An alle “deutschschreiber”: bei irgendwelchen Fragen zur Tour könnt ihr mich gern anmailen:
Next days I try to put some pictures on my website www.gopapua.de
Good luck for you and your business,
Sabine from Germany
Email: sab@dschungeltrekking.de

Dear shiadie,

I appreciated your help very much during my stay in Banjarmasin, I have pleasant memories of the time.
I havent made up my mind definitely as yet, but I am thinking about a trip from October 9 to October 18 in Malaisia on the Bornéo side from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu. If this is confirmed, I could add on a trip of about 4/5 days and come to Banjarmasin where I would be very pleased to meet you again, if you think you would be free then. In order to do this, I would need you to suggest a possible tour of the area with an itinerary.
When I have the above information and considering your remarks, I will take my decision. I thank you in advance for a fast answer so that I decide because I have two other projects of voyage under study.
If I adopt your proposal I hope that we will spend pleasant moments together again. I hope that all is well for you on the plans health and work.
I thank you and am sending you a book on the region I was born in with the hope that you will find it interesting.

Very friendly thought,
Email: louis.bressier@orange.fr

Dear Syadie,

We are now back at home and already started to work.
We enjoyed very much your friendly assistance.
You have been more than a guide. You have been a good friend.
I hope you had a good season, full of tourists.
You are a good guy and I am sure you will manage to have a good business.
Give my best regards to your friends, both the driver and the other one whose father has been so kind with us. Best regards to him also.
I really hope we will meet again.

Good luck to you all
Franco and Anna
Email: umksa@tin.it


Mr.Syadie was my guide from 07.10 - 17.10.08 and was consistently helpful, solicitous, professional, competent and informative.
We went from Balikpapan to Samarinda, Samarinda to the lake area for 3 days, Samarinda down to Barabai to trek to Loksado and finally to Banjarmasin. Mr.Syadie was responsible for the transport, choosing the assistant guide, arranging accommodation including a fisherman’s floating house, organising food suitable for my vegetarian diet, making necessary alterations to the predetermined itinerary where/when he thought necessary and overall planning. At each stage of the journey Mr.Syadie looked after me very well and carefully and gave his knowledge and time generously.
I have no hesitation in recommending Mr.Syadie, whose friendliness, expertise and excellent care were contributing factors to what was a fantastic and wonderful holiday.

Signed by: Caro Ellis (Ms)
Email: caro_intercom@yahoo.co.uk


Hey syadie,

Thanks for a fantastic time and really making the trip for me. Without you, I dont think the trip would have been any good!
Im planning on coming back out in a year or so. So expect an email for an expedition round borneo again. Hope all is well and thanks again!

Email: tom_byfield1@hotmail.co.uk

Dear Syadie,

I hope you are well and happy.
I will be going to Indonesia very soon. We will visit the floating market and the orangutan park and we will film there. I have already contacted Jeffery, and we are working on the program.
I have asked him that you work with us those days again. I guess he will contact you soon.
It will be a pleasure to meet you again.
See you soon.
Best regards

Email: RRomera@dipucadiz.es

Hey Syadie.

We made it back home on Thursday night and had a couple of days to relax before we have to go back to work on Monday. Its nice to be home with all of our family and friends, but part of me still misses Indonesia and all of the very friendly people we met over there.
I will definitely NEVER forget My trip to Indonesia and all the wonderful people I got to meet there. All of our family and friends love all the pictures and video we took while in Indonesia and think that it is so beautiful there. Maybe some of them will get the chance to experience it for themselves someday, But for now they will have to deal with our pictures and memories of our adventure there. I am attaching a few pictures that we took to this email so you can have some.

Email: jjsuperfly02@aol.com

Hi Syadie!

Thank you so much for all of your help during my visit in Banjarmasin and Loksado. You’re full of energy, and gave me so much information about all of the sights; the floating market, the water buffalo, the plants and animals of Loksado, the history of the areas. You also went beyond the itinerary and took me to some other places that you thought I might like. Aside from that, you were really fun to be around and laugh with in the car and on the boats. You and Kamay even took me to an internet cafe after your obligated time with me, saying, "You have no friends in Indonesia, so we are now your friends." Fabulous! You really looked after me. You and Kamay were fantastic, and I hope to come back sooner than later. I told Wanto how great you were. Stay in touch, and as soon as I get my photos together I will post them. Im having a problem though...my Facebook is suddenly showing in Chinese and I dont know how to fix it!
Best wishes,
Via Facebook Message

Dear Syadie,

Thank you for taking time to answer my mail, and getting back in such a short time. Your tour program is something I definitely would like to do but right now I need to prepare for everything, but trust me, I will save your webpage because people like you are hard to find. So in a few years I will write you back! :)
Thank you again.

Best Regards,
Robert Öberg
Email: robert.oberg5@gmail.com 


Hi Syadie,

Now that we are settled back in the USA, I want to say thank so much for your assistance during my trip in Kalimantan.
First and foremost, we were all extremely impressed with you, who are very quickly transformed into our friend, Syadie! Besides being helpful, organized and informative, which is what we paid for, you also had a totally delightful personality which contributed to our overall satisfaction.

We also appreciated your choice of Alef as our driver, as he spoke very solid English which is unusual for a driver. As such, Alef accompanied us on many of the activities and he was an asset beyond his assigned driving duty.

You did an admirable job in being sensitive to our dietary needs. In fact, you even took the initiative to invite us into your home where your mother cooked us a couple of meals, which were scrumptious, and got us a glimpse at how the locals live. We were grateful for such unique opportunities.
I would absolutely recommend you to my friends who are interested to visit Kalimantan.

Email: cleord11@hotmail.com


Dear Syadie,

We want to thank you again ye have you taken care of so well for us. The food was great and you really are all three were very nice.

First of all we want to tell you that we are again well received and had to immediately rush into the work. However, we can be the trip with you not let go. We think about it every day, it was a very nice experience for us and it gave us enormous fun to get to know you and your friends. What have you read hear of William Wallace is very interesting and I think what Nicole has seen was a wild orang utan. Which our porter him so well seen and confirmed.

I still have a lot more funny story for you. We have a report based on Internet travel plans. Recently, we have internet again considered these reports and have found something very funny. We were fascinated by the journey of the cross borneo from sabine hemschik (Link: http://www.gopapua.de/borneo1.html) and then have actually planned the trip. What you do not plan of course was, that was indeed you will guide us, as at that time with Sabine. Youll notice the pictures on the above page about so if you look at them but at times. Too bad we have to get later. Nicole said on a campfire at night to me I should ask you but sometimes if you know Sabine and I just said to her, I need not ask you, where you shall know them then. But sometimes the world but small. I have been unable, unfortunately, the images work on a little after, the notes are therefore only two pictures. I will soon send you more then a smaller format.

In any case we will see you again, Nicole and I have been so excited about our trip with you, we will plan the next slow. Could you imagine coming to Papua?

Bali was not so overwhelming that its worth it to lose big words long. We were too touristy. because otherwise we were used to. we climbed the volcano and hiked through the rice terraces. We were then still in ubud and bought souvenirs for our friends. We have found a very interesting shop of things sold from Papua. We had a little fear that things get through the customs. and then we had to buy another suitcase :-))).

The flight to Germany was very hard, the best was our dog to welcome us at the airport came and was happy about everything. the relationship between man and dog is different than here with you, see photo attached. Please order the other two say hello from us.
We hope you stay healthy.

Best wishes to you
Nicole + Rene
Email: shaft2904@googlemail.com



Dear Mr. Herry Wahyudi

We want to thank you, Joni and Yansah for the wonderfull time in South-Kalimantan. We really enjoyed the beautifull sights and nature.
Were already thinking about coming back to Kalimantan within the next few years. For the moment we are making some publicity for Borneo Eco adveture with our friends!
In the attachement you can find a photo of us, Joni, Yansah and Funny (our driver).
Thanks again for showing us the amazing Kalimantan!!

Christian and Anke
Email: christian_caluwaerts@hotmail.com



Thank you for the trip to see the orangutans.
I accept that there was a room change at Rimba Lodge and it all worked out well.
I was impressed with the courteous service we received at Rimba Lodge, particularly from the Manager Fardi.
The guide was excellent and knew the birds in the area and so my friends were very pleased to sight many birds they had not seen before.
Thank you for your patience with my arrangements. Now that I have sorted out how to transfer money from Australia I will be able to do this trip again even when I return to Australia to live. Thank you again for your help.
Shirley lamb
Email: shirleylamb@ymail.com


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